Headhunting from another sector

The most straight forward way to headhunt is to take a person out of a competitive company and place them with your client. As a headhunter we can be very focused – we draw up a list of the client’s key competitors and then research the relevant individuals before making our approach. If our client […]

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The Counter Offer

The counter offer is something that is part and parcel of a headhunter’s life but something that can ruin weeks of hard work. The candidate is researched, goes through all the headhunter’s interviews followed by the client interviews and then is offered the role. The candidate is delighted and accepts the offer and then tenders […]

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The basics – why would someone leave their current role?

There are clearly many reasons that someone would have their head turned by a headhunter but ultimately cash talks! Naturally there are people who are very loyal and would  not move under any circumstance but it is very easy to be loyal if your current employer pays well, has a good benefits package and a […]

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Why a headhunter might not be for you

The foundations of Eagle Headhunters were built on honesty and is the reason that the company exists today and will exist for many years to come. Every part of the recruitment process needs honesty – anything but and the end result will be negative. This is why we sometimes have to turn business down and […]

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2014 The Year for Headhunting

Confidence in the private sector is at its highest for 6 years and growth has returned. This is very welcome news for everyone but what does it mean for headhunters? Over the last 7 years headhunting has been in decline year on year as businesses froze their recruitment budgets and certainly if businesses were recruiting […]

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